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Easy File Sync Features

Shows visually comparison for files and folders before starting sync operation. So you can review what files will be transferred before you run the synchronize.

Power management features to hibernate, stand by, shutdown or log off your PC/Laptop after synchronizing folders and files

Automatic scheduler to make your sync start automatically without your intervention. Moreover, you can schedule to start synchronization even if your machine is onto hibernate or in stand by.

Flexibility in choosing the sync method; One way, two-way/ mirroring

Very easy to create a sync job with helpful wizards. All settings are saved as a job sync for later use.

Sync can be chosen as recursive comparison of directory trees.

Easy-to-Use and Explorer like Interface.

Sync to virtually any storage , External and Internal hard disks ,SAN, NAS, and LAN locations: Across network, Memory Sticks (Flash memory) , Removable media devices (floppy disks, ZIP drive, JAZ etc ...): USB, LAN.

Supports long file names and Unicode file names

Supports virtually any file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS,CDFS, Mapped drive and more).

Synchronize files and folders between your desktop PC and laptop over LAN

Generates a detailed HTML report showing what has been synchronized, skipped files and critical error messages.

A swift way to backup and restore files.

File and folder filtering: It enables you to impose filters and rules on the files and folder; for instance users can choose to sync only .txt files and/or exclude all .log files from another.

You optionally can choose to send deleted or overwritten local files to Recycle Bin; it lets you recover those lost files if you make a mistake.

When synchronizing in one direction you can delete files in the destination directory that are not in the source. This is useful for creating a directory mirror.

Large files sizes in Terabytes are supported

System Requirements:

  • Pentium processor or above
  • 64 MB RAM, 4 MB of free disk space
  • Win 2000 Professional/Server, Win XP Home/Pro, Win 2003 or Win Vista


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Sync File Software

Sync File Software

Sync File Software

Detailed HTML Report


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